10/17/2016 Lt. Scott McDonald Retires from PPD Today

Lt. Scott McDonald
             Lt. Scott McDonald

A law enforcement career that began as a cadet and ended as a lieutenant concludes today when Scott McDonald retires from the Pensacola Police Department.

McDonald was hired by the department as a cadet on January 10, 1983. Among his assignments during the next 33 years would be Community Relations, Property Management, Uniform Patrol, TAC, and Vice and Narcotics.

He was promoted to police officer on March 5, 1984; to sergeant on June 19, 1995; and to lieutenant on December 23, 1999.

On April 10, 2006, he transferred to the Administrative, Technology & Services Division and remained there until his retirement today. Among his duties as a lieutenant in ATSD were fleet management and updating mobile radios in police vehicles and officers’ portable radios.

He also supervised a two-year $7 million overhaul of the department’s Communications Center. The upgrade brought state-of-the-art equipment into the department and also offered a work environment designed to offer various degrees of comfort for telecommunicators.

McDonald recently was presented the Chief’s Award from Chief David Alexander III in recognition of his diligence and dedication to improving the Communications Center.