11/26/2016 Why I Wear The Badge Canvas to be Signed November 29

A simple blank canvas will be unrolled on a wall Tuesday (Nov. 29) morning at the Pensacola Police Departments. 

Officers will be handed permanent markers and asked to finish an important statement: Why I wear the badge. 

“I wear the badge because I want to make a positive difference in the Pensacola Police Department and in the community,” said Pensacola Police Chief David Alexander III. 

A law enforcement officer’s badge is a symbol of courage, strength and integrity and along with displaying it comes great responsibilities. 

Why I Wear the Badge is a campaign designed to highlight “the diversity and commitment of the law enforcement profession,” according to the International Association of Chiefs of Police. 

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are being challenged to join the #WhyIWearTheBadge campaign and to share their stories and statements.