12/08/2016 Man Charged With Attempted Murder After Firing at a Man Inside a Vehicle

A Pensacola man was arrested around 9 p.m. Wednesday after he fired at a motorist who had followed a reckless driver to a house. 

Keyshawn Johnson, 18, of 34 Patton Drive, Pensacola, was charged with attempted murder. 

The incident began at the intersection of Mobile Highway and Fairfield Drive. Andrew Rao, 20, of Pensacola called police and initially reported he was following a reckless driver. Rao said he was behind the vehicle when the driver stopped in the middle of the intersection and Rao almost struck it with his vehicle.  

Rao stayed on the phone with police while he followed the vehicle to the 1800 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive where the occupants exited the vehicle and went into the house. At that time, Johnson came outside and began firing at Rao’s vehicle. Rao left the scene but said Johnson continued firing. He was not injured.

Officers found empty bullet casings in the street and seized the gun Johnson used during the incident.